AR500 Steel Targets

Arranging your targets:

Place the target away from buildings and other objects you wish to keep free from debris. The target will deflect debris from projectiles impacting it. Keep this in mind when choosing a location to place a target. The target must have a proper backstop behind it to stop misplaced shots. Always consider what is beyond the target and place it in a safe direction.

Caution: Bullet fragments may travel towards the shooter. All persons in the area must wear ear and eye protection. Bullet fragments may cause harm to shooters, spectators and objects near the target.

Use steel targets at your own risk. Shooting at steel targets can be dangerous and caution must be taken to ensure safety.

MINIMUM SHOOTING DISTANCES FOR AR500 STEEL TARGETS: These are only suggestions and we accept no liability for improper use.

.22 Rim Fire, 9mm, .38 Spl, .44 Spl, .45acp – 8 yards

.357, .40 SW, .44 mag – 12 yards

Shotgun w/ lead bird shot – 12 yards

Shotgun w/ std velocity 00 buck – 20 yards

Shotgun w/ std velocity slug -50 yards

.30-30 – 100 yards

7.62 ,.308, .30-06 – 150 yards

.207 win,.223, 5.56– 200 yards

Do not use XM-855 Green tip, M193 or steel core while shooting at steel targets as it can be dangerous and will also void your warranty as can be easily identified as being shot with these projectiles.

When using a rifle the added distances are for the protection of the target and also the safety of the shooter. Impact velocities approaching 3000 fps can cause slight pitting and edge chipping of the target surface even with AR500 steels.

Rotate Your Targets to Extend Their Life

All of our targets are built allowing for ease of reversal. Rotating or “reversing” your targets will result insafer targets and longer life.As targets are shot at the surface expands ever so slightly, this can cause your targets to bow slightly and possibly “pit”. You will want to rotate your targets on regular intervals.