Level III+ Lightweight

Our thinnest proprietary ballistic steel core manufactured from steel withbrinell strength ranges of 600 – 630 BHN. Not manufactured from wearplate products such as AR500 / AR600 /AR650 which are not produced as ballistic steels but actually for the use of wearplate such as backhoe buckets and coal mining slides.

Tested to NIJ .06 standards with six (6) rounds of 7.62x51 M80 Ball (.308) at 2,780 feet per second

Also tested against M855 with six rounds at 2855 feet per second plus M193 with 6 rounds at 2964 feet per second.

NIJ/DOJ Certified and appears on the official website as such.

.197” nominal thickness before coating

                    Shapes: Square, Shooters / Swimmers Cut, Modified
                    Curvatures: Flat, Single Curve

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At Tactical Scorpion Gear, we have often heard our clients say that they face a lot of problems with their body armors, mainly due to the heavyweight nature. Conventional body armors are bulky. They need to provide a lot of protection against heavy fire. The weight of these body armors usually comes from the heavy padding material between the bulletproof stitching. This padding is responsible for absorbing the heavy momentum of the bullets. However, you don’t always need such heavy body armor. The biggest flaw with them is that they slow you down a lot.

With lightweight level 3 body armor for sale, you can get the necessary protection without affecting the speed with which you move. For civilian protection purposes, the lightweight body armors make a lot more sense than the heavy military-grade ones. Here are 4 benefits of the body armor with lightweight level 3 plates.

Effective and Quick Movement

The lightweight body armor can help you use your natural instincts and reflex actions in the best manner possible. Instead of dragging you down, these armors facilitate free movement. Conventional armors are very tight and bulky, often presenting a suffocative feeling. However, these lightweight armors provide enough room to allow your body to breathe properly.

No Loss in Protection Levels

A common misconception associated with all the lightweight body armors for sale is that they are not as effective as the conventional armors. However, there is no basis for this myth. They contain a lot less padding material for the energy absorption purposes. However, the quality of padding materials in a lightweight armor is of a far higher quality. The honeycomb matrix of the material in lightweight armor is capable of absorbing impact much more effectively than the layered version available in the conventional armor.

Easily Concealable

The lightweight body armor is complemented by a carefully aligned matrix of padding material that contains a lot of air for kinetic energy damping purposes. This makes the armor compact and effective. The compact shape allows the carrier to wear the armor under a normal sized t-shirt or shirt to conceal it. Therefore, the armor is perfect for covert operations or for a VIP attending a risky function.

Level III Certified Armors

Many armor offered by Tactical Scorpion Gear is level III body armors. This certification is the proof that they can perform their function correctly. We inspect all the level III body armors for quality control before sending them off to you.

You can rely on us to avail the highest quality of lightweight body armors for sale for commercial or professional security purposes. Check out our complete collection of body armors that contains various types of armors, all designed for specific purposes.

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